Friday, September 3, 2010

Mixed Thoughts

I wrote on my last blog how we sleep soundly through the rain.  Well, not all the time and not all through types of rain.  Last night's was a howler, pouring down rain hard with winds that I thought one of our windows would be blown in.  Jojo and the kids were already sound asleep.  I looked around for the flashlight, creating some noise (our wooden floors creak in some places, something that wasn't fixed with the 2002 reconstruction).  Jojo wakes up and asks me what I'm looking for and I tell him the flashlight.  He pulls one out from under his pillow.  He says he keeps it there for emergencies.  Good, now I feel more secure.  And I fall asleep.

It's Friday, thank God.  Though the week is shortened because of National Heroes' Day last Monday, it still feels like a full week.  My blog yesterday titled "Busy" was cut short because of an unexpected visitor.  One of the parents from school was looking for a place to stay while she waited for her child.  We accomodated her for the few hours. I got busy with the cleanup, trying to hide what I could and clean what I could.  I would love to have said, oh I'm too busy, could you please find another place.  But that would be rude and uncharitable.

I would love to have my house open for guests any day at any time, but it's not always in the best of shapes.  Clutter here, clothes there, dust everywhere.  I really should get my act together.  I don't know what's preventing me from asking help from an outsider, a hired hand, even for a day.  Pride, maybe - don't want others to see how I'm such a lousy housekeeper.


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