Thursday, September 16, 2010

Revisiting Our Electricity Consumption

I searched for a previous blog I posted about conserving electricity and finally found it: Conserving Electricity, smart title :)  At least I was able to find what I needed.  Well, two months later, I again have our electricity bill in front of me as I write: P4916. Well there was some improvement, our usage did go down from P5600 two months ago.  Mainly because one member of the household being away.  Mom loves to watch the TV constantly when she's here and keeps it on even when she's sleeping.  I would still love to see this bill go down even more.  It is supposed to be the rainy season with cooler weather, but we still need the air-conditioning on at night.  The timer on that aircon I think is broken.  I wake up in the middle of the night to turn it off.  I see the kids and Jojo all wrapped up in their blankets from the cold, then slowly as the warmer weather comes back, they slip their blankets away and continue to sleep.  The computer is another electricity hog.  It uses up 3 sockets, 1 for the main computer, another for the internet box and another for the speakers.  Then there's the washing machine...  I'm going to list down some ways that we can conserve electricity, in the hope that we can follow it and find a greater improvement in next month's Meralco bill:

1)  Turn off the water cooler more often.  It is on for most of the day, but if we keep a container of water in the refrigerator, we wouldn't have to use this at all.
2)  Use the low-energy electric fan as opposed to the industrial one as often as possible.  Like right now, it's on the "1" setting and directed at me.  It gives me cool enough air with lesser noise.
3)  Unplug the appliances that are not in use.  I always thought that this didn't matter.  If you didn't turn on the appliance, the meter should not be running.  But I heard somewhere that this "standby" mode is still using energy.
4)  Watch only the TV shows that you think important or essential.  This one will be harder to do, as Jojo now turns the tube on.  Too many television addicts here at home.  But I will do my best and hopefully the others will follow.
5)  Try to wear clothes more than once as to lessen the washing machine loads.  Also, try to hand wash more.  Ahh, another added chore, but will try...
6)  Use the air-conditioning less often.

There are probably more, but this is all I have for now.  Let's see how next month's electric bill turns out.  Abangan!


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