Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I Have An Old Nokia 3310

Our cellphone won a prize!  Well, the contest was just a children's party "bring me" game and the prize was just a pencil.  But we won because of our cellphone.  What did the party emcee ask the kids to bring?  "Bring me an old model cellphone!"  I delved into my bag and proudly took out my Nokia 3310.  To be honest, I wasn't that proud, I have to admit I am sometimes ashamed to bring out my cellphone when others around me have all those new and fancy ones.  But Benjo quickly took our old cellphone with its bright violet casing to the emcee to claim his prize.  He came back with a big smile.

There have been times that I have thought about upgrading our cellphone.  I saw one advertised in the paper this past weekend.  A recent model phone with TV/video, 2megapixels camera, FM radio and other eye-catching features.  It had a nice look to it and it was on sale, around P2500.  To make you want the phone all the more, the advertisement emphasized that it was the last day of the sale and limited buyers to 2 cellphones per buyer.  I was ready to get up and go to that store and purchase one.

But my practical senses got the better of me.  I don't have P2500 to spare (well, I do, but I feel that there are other more important purchases), and as with previous temptations, I looked at my cellphone and said to myself, it works fine.  I can text and call with my cellphone.  I even use it to write down short memos, use the calculator and use the alarm to wake me up each morning.  Well, there was the time that the battery went down overnight and luckily I woke up even without the alarm.  Some of the keys are harder to press and the battery will soon need to be replaced.  But it works for the purposes that I need, and for this I should be contented.

We have the TV to watch our shows, our PC to get on the internet and our camera, the new one that Ate Connie gave, to take our pictures and video.  So what more can I ask?  Unless the phone doesn't work, I should not think of getting a new one, just because...  There are already way too much waste around us.  Though small, adding to the "waste" will not help.  I realize too how fickle we humans can be.  If I choose to purchase a newer cellphone, there will always be a newer and fancier one than mine.  It's very human to always want more than what we have.  The realization of this is the first step in stopping the cycle of buying and saying, no, I don't need that, I am happy with what I have.


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