Thursday, September 2, 2010

Counting My Blessings

It's raining again.  I should be glad that it is, with all my previous complaining and praying about how we needed more rain, with people suffering from water shortage, etc.  Our house isn't leaking like it was before.  This I'm thankful for.  Jojo was able to fix the broken down spout (I think that's what you call it).  There are other places in the house that leaks, but that one was the worse, keeping us awake to mop and wring out the flooded floor.  We always blame the people who made our house and the people who tried to fix it, every time it leaks.  Of course, it's no use complaining and cursing.

I've seen some of the houses of the contestants on Eat Bulaga's All for Juan and Juan for All segment.  Many have no ceilings.  Can you imagine the heat from the iron roofs?  Many of these families have small children and you see them sweating from the midday heat.  Some didn't have dining tables.  Yes, no tables.  Where do they eat?  That was my first thought.  Then, what was obvious to some, but not to me, was the floor.  They eat on the floor.  They live in such cramped quarters, hardly any room to move.  And yet, it's a home, it's shelter from the rains.  It's all that they have.

And so I have no reason to complain - I am sheltered from the rain, I sleep soundly without worrying about getting wet.  We have room enough for all of us and more.  Yes, I am blessed.  Thank you Lord.


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