Thursday, September 23, 2010

Image Editing Using Paint Shop

A bit on the lighter side of life, to brighten one's day, mine as well as yours...  I was playing around with the pictures I downloaded from our camera.  I've been practicing some closeup shots and some turned out pretty good.  With automatic focus on digital cameras, it's sometimes hard to really focus on the object.  This is something I'll continue to work on.  I played around with the images using my image editing software: Jasc Paint Shop.  A little less popular than the commonly-used Adobe Photoshop, but this is the software that I've "grown-up" with and it works for most of my editing needs.  Here's some that I came up with...
Original shot taken of roses at Sta Teresita General Hospital.  The camera that I'm using has a great flash, so even if this was taken in a dim area, the flash worked wonders.

First put on greyscale and then used the negative image.  I love the way this turned out.

 A white flower from a plant (which I'll try to find the name of) just outside our house.  It took me several tries before I could get the focus on the flower itself and not the leaves around it.  I put this in greyscale.

A totally different image with the use of Effects - Geometrical - Twirl.  This is fun!  This picture makes me want to imitate it :)

I've taken similar shots of the Quezon City Memorial before.  I like how the sun is shining behind the tree here and covers up the shot so it didn't turn out too dark.  This is the original shot taken.

More fun with Paint Shop.  This time with Colors - Histogram Functions - Equalize.


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