Friday, August 6, 2010

Will It Rain?

I watched the different shades pass by above me
Shades of blue, white and gray
The whites and grays cover the sun
Brings darkness and I wonder
Will it rain?

The wind is blowing, the whites and grays pass the sun
Lightness is back and so is the heat
Again, more whites and grays, more grays than whites
Darkness envelops and once again, I wonder
Should I bring the clothes undercover?

But the wind is stronger, the grays move away
Sun shines brightly to help dry the clothes
I get a call, "help me bring the clothes in.
It's starting to rain."
So I stop wondering and stop the poem I'm writing

(August 17: I wrote this poem on a whim, took only a couple of minutes. Didn't know I was writing a poem, just wrote what came to mind. Funny how it does rhyme. Picture from the following link. Would have loved to take my own picture. Will try to do that next time.)


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