Friday, August 6, 2010

An Unexplainable

Explain this. The other day I was outside washing clothes (what's new?), Mom was inside playing computer games, Jojo just left the house to buy some ingredients he needed for our meal. Our main entrance to the house has a wooden door and a screen door. The screen door has a sliding lock that you can only lock when you're inside the house. The screen's automatic swing doesn't make it close all the way, so to prevent insects or any creatures roaming outside from going inside, we either push the screen to make it close, or pull the wooden door close.

It was a Wednesday, "basura" (garbage) pickup day. Jojo had already brought out the garbage but didn't put it outside the gate for pickup (some neighboring cats sometimes open up the plastic bags and leave a mess). So I get up from my washing and take the basura out. I shout to mom asking if there is any basura left inside the house. She gets up and goes outside and then asks me where Jojo is. I told her he left. She looks at me curiously and asks then why was the screen door locked? Again, you can only lock the screen door from the inside. Mom insists that she did not get up from her chair and insists further that the screen door was locked. She called out to Jojo thinking that he might be upstairs. I told her again that he is out.

So, how was the screen door locked? Tah-dah-dah-dah!... (Twilight zone music). "Minu-multo yata ako!", "I think I'm being haunted." I think my mom was half-joking. She goes out of the house to do some errands. I check out the lock on the screen door and experiment on trying to lock it by just leaving the part you hold up and then quickly closing it. I couldn't do it, but it may be possible. When Benjo arrives from school, over lunch I told him the story and I ask him his opinion. "Baka multo!", (Maybe a ghost!). Hahaha! His answer was the same as mom's. Scary thought, not so much about being haunted, which I dont' really believe, but of getting locked out by accident.


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