Thursday, August 5, 2010


Went shopping at an ukay-ukay store. There's one in front of Sto. Domingo church and while we were waiting for Benjo to get out of school, Mom, Jojo, Joselyn (who gets out an hour earlier than Kuya) and I climbed the steps up the overpass to the store across the bridge.

The right part of the store has the cheaper items, as low as P25. This is where we bought most of our items, several blouses, polos and jeans that I found for myself. The left part of the store has the fancier and pricier clothes. The prices ranged from P100 upwards. Mom found a couple of blouses, one for P120 and another for P150. Really good finds.

I would love to go to more ukay-ukay stores. The variety, the wide range of choices and of course, the price suits me just right. This isn't the first time I've been to an ukay-ukay store here. I went to one in Cubao where we found Benjo's batman costume last year.

Back in the US, I frequented thrift stores especially Goodwill. I think it was my aunt who got me interested in buying at thrift or second-hand stores. The first time I went into a thrift store, the smells were a little overwhelming and I was a little unsure if I wanted to buy anything at the place. But I saw the fun that my aunt had in looking at the different items on sale, filling her trolley with clothes, shoes and other finds, then go to the cashier and pay only a fraction of what you would at a department store.

I'll be back at the ukay-ukay when I have more time, maybe on my own since I seem to find more things I like if I have my time to myself.


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