Saturday, August 14, 2010

Time To Edit

I have to make this one a quick one. My little girl is still awake and she wants to go to sleep but can't without Mommy (or Daddy, but who is fast asleep) helping her to sleep. I would love to have more time to blog but I just don't always have the time. I'm under pressure most of the time, pressured for time, pressured for something of substance to write. I honestly don't know if anyone reads this blog. It's not supposed to matter, but it kind of does, somehow.

But to be honest most of what I write may not be of interest to anyone but myself. And even if I were to read it, I would bore even myself. For this next week, I will go for quality over quantity. No more 2 blogs a day goal, well at least for now. I will go over what I have written, re-write, add, delete, edit, add more pictures even. Then maybe it might give more substance to someone else and not be just empty thoughts.

Time for bed...


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