Friday, August 20, 2010

That's the Catch

"Would you like to receive a free bag?", a pretty saleslady asked at the motorshow that we were attending.  I first looked at her blankly, not quite sure what to answer.  Anything with the word 'free' would surely be answered with an enthusiastic "Yes!".  But a free cotton bag with the company's name all over it... did I really need another bag?

The saleslady continued, ignoring my disinterest, "... all you have to do is write how you can help save the environment on this small green piece of paper."  That seemed easy enough.  I was waiting for the catch as I wrote the first thing that came to my mind:  "I will use less plastic.  Reuse whatever I can.  Conserve and live simply."  That paper was actually a sticker which I was asked to peel off and tape on a life-sized tree figure (I think it was made of styrofoam, of all things), along with the other green papers with random ideas on how to save Mother Earth.  They didn't even ask me to write my name on the paper or did they ask for my contact number.  They just handed the cotton, lime-green bag.  No strings attached, no catch.

Joselyn took the bag in excitement, another addition to her growing bag collection.  It was no extraordinary bag, we have others similar to it, quite dull to be honest.  But we said "thank you" to the kind lady and went on our way.  Now, back at home thinking of the day's events, I remember the bag and I remember what I wrote.  From now on everytime I see or use that bag, I will remember.  That small green note, that idea or should I say "promise" that I made that no one will know or remember - no one except me and the maker of all living things.

So, there was a catch afterall, a subtle one, one which deals with our conscience, a catch worth more than the money in my pocket.  But a catch that is worth our future and the future of the world we live in - if we remember and take our written "promise" to heart.


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