Saturday, August 7, 2010

Thank You For The Words of Encouragement

I want to say "thank you" to all those who appreciated my writing and gave me words of encouragement, most of which came in my younger years. I wrote letters to family and friends. Ninang Cristy said I wrote well and I had good handwriting. We were in Australia then and I wrote to her in the US. I wrote to one of my good college friends when we were on summer break and she said, quite surprisingly, that it was a good letter and I was a good writer. An English teacher (sorry, I forgot your name) back in College, also said that I wrote well, gave me some tips and corrected my incorrect usages of tenses (I still have problems with these). My teacher too was surprised. Maybe it's because I'm quiet in person and even if I talk, it's difficult for me to express my thoughts. And yet, here in written form, the words and thoughts flow so easily.

Anyway, thank you all for giving me the encouragement I need to continue with my writing.


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