Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Tasteless and Insensitive

We Filipinos are in the news, but in such a bad light.  Due to the hostage-taking tragedy a couple of days ago, it seems the whole world is against us, especially innocent Filipinos working abroad.  It was an isolated occurrence with a tragic ending.  One where the inefficiency of our police and other officials were magnified a thousand-fold with live telecast all over the world.

I saw pictures of the hostaged bus on the internet yesterday.  Some fool put Barney's figure in place of the gunman and another picture had Mr. Bean's picture in place of one of the victims being taken out from the bus.  What for?  Is this supposed to be funny?  Well, it is far from it!  It makes me angry to think that some people are making this incident a joke, where people lost their lives and where survivors are now suffering from loss of sleep and various phobias, not to mention the loss of their loved ones.

Those pictures that are posted on facebook and other networking sites are tasteless and insensitive.  We are better people, we are better Filipinos than what these photos convey.  Not all situations call for a laugh or for a photo-op, especially these kinds of tragedies.  We should think twice before posting and passing on these types of pictures.


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