Monday, August 9, 2010

Supermom to the Rescue!

My last blog was on a hot and controversial issue. The topics I write about here are mostly trivial, even boring or should I just say "safe". Who could argue about topics like household chores, a nice outing with friends and family, etc? But it is these constroversial topics that do get my juices stirring and makes me want to write back. It's also the reason why I got interested in reading the Opinion articles and in part, got me interested again in writing. Those opinion and editorial writers are courageous. It is so true, that the word is mightier than the sword. Many journalists have risked life and limb for the stories they tell. And to them I pay my utmost respect. Am I willing to follow the same route? I'm not sure. For now, I have a story to tell but it is again trivial and safe, but to me an important one to tell. So please bear with me as I write...

I am a homemaker, wife and mother. Or let me switch that around in order of importance - wife, mother and homemaker. Too often I do put my homemaker chores in top priority, which I know is not right. Maybe it's because I see too many of my chores left undone and do find myself a failure in making our house a home.

The other morning, two teleradio reporters popped a trivia question to the listeners: "How much dust would accumulate in a thousand years?" Where they get these trivias from I do not know! The lady reporter kind of rolled her eyes and answered quite wisely: "Well, it depends on where you live!". Correct! If you live where I live, it would probably be more than a foot or more! I didn't stay to hear the answer but now I'm curious to find out what it was. I do know that only after a week, our furniture, for example the organ which has become more of a decorative item, accumulates about one-fourth of a millimeter. Wipe that up with a rag and you get ... quite a dirty rag! And that's just the organ. Actually even after wiping it clean in the morning, you can already see the accumulation in the afternoon. That's how dusty and polluted our air is!
This is a picture of one of the basahans (rags) we bought near Blumentritt where they sell for P20 per bundle of about 15 or more. It's made of bits of material sewed together. Well, I took this picture last month because I liked the pretty and happy image on the rag. Poor basahan, or course, is not so pretty any more and is covered with dust and other undesirables.
It was as I was cleaning some time ago that I realized the importance of what I do (and what countless other mothers and household help do). These dust particles that fly in the air and finds its way on an object and sometimes stays there are bad for our health, especially the air that we breathe into our lungs. I felt so good one day after cleaning our room and removing so much dust on the furnitures and curtain rods.
It was a realization then how important my role was - I was saving myself and my family from a possible illness by removing these particles that can do us harm. No more did I feel that it was just a worthless chore, but felt more important than say, the president. Hehe! Let's not get overboard, you say, but you may follow my gist.
So it was a eureka type of moment, one of exhiliration and satisfaction. I am a homemaker, cleaner of the home, dust-fighter, protector of my family! I am Supermom!


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