Thursday, August 19, 2010

Resume My Blogging

I miss the actual blogging.  It was a good exercise for my brain and practice for my writing skills.  Editing doesn't seem to be so important.  I've reviewed some of what I've written, added notes, links and images to the blogs that needed something more interesting than plain text.  But I guess if what the words say is of interest, there shouldn't be any need for pictures to make it attractive.

I will begin again with my blogging, not looking back unless I have a need to.  One good thing about going back to my previous blogs was to read about the "plans" I had written about, but never pushed through with.  Plans like cooking phad thai, which still remains on my "To do" list.

So tomorrow I will begin - again - with one or two blogs per day and to edit any previous ones as time permits.  I will go for quality writing - whatever than means.  Writing that is more than just lazy words or words that come from a lazy mind.  Words that will inspire, words that will get one to think, to feel, to be moved into action.  I think that's what this should all be about.  Not merely for selfish reasons, to let out an emotion, a grudge.  Even if it is for this reason, it should at least bring me and whoever reads this to become a better person.


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