Friday, August 6, 2010

A Reflected Life

I've changed the title of this blog several times, maybe a reflection of my uncertain objectives for this blog. The blog url "letsgopinoy" I had used in my previous website and continued it here. My main purpose was to journal my travels and experiences while living here in the Philippines. The trouble with that came when our travels became too seldom, having young kids in tow and being on a low budget. I still try to journal some of our travels whenever we do go out.

From "Lets Go Pinoy", I changed it to "Unpaved Path", journaling more on my personal experiences living here in the Philippines from the point of view of one who has lived abroad. I still journal on this too, mentioning places, friends, families, experiences I've had abroad and comparing them to my life now. Unpaved path referring literally to the paths, streets that are not smooth nor straight, but has many bumps and obstacles.

I first came upon the term "Reflected life" on reading my devotional "Companion". It was written by Father Steve Tynan who writes the commentaries for Companion. I can't find the exact day it was on right now (July 21, I found it afterall), but I remember it well. He wrote: "An unreflected life is not worth living." From that time on, I tried each night before sleeping to reflect on the previous day. Upon meditating on this term some more I realize that it is more than the act of reflecting or analyzing or thinking. A "reflection" has another meaning, as in "to see our reflection in the mirror", or to put it in a more spiritual context, "to see the reflection of God's image in us or in our lives". Yes, an unreflected life is not worth living, especially if it is of a life that is a reflection of something other than God's. I want my life to have meaning, I believe my life has meaning. But I do not want to go on each day like a robot doing chores and what-have-you just for the sake of doing them. I want to reflect on life - its goodness, its triumphs, its struggles, the big and small things - that all matter - and give meaning.

"A Reflected Life" - this blog is where I write my reflections of life - a life worth living.


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