Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Rain On Our Picnic

Due to popular demand, we were back at the Quezon City Memorial Circle after picking up the kids from school. The same group (maybe we should start calling ourselves the "Tuesday Group") of parents and kids were present. I would love to say that it was a very pleasant outing, but I would be half lying. The rains fell on our picnic - literally! It was around 1:30pm I think that the rains started falling heavily and we seeked shelter at a nearby hut (glad the management of the Circle thought of this or we would have been soaking wet). But the kids already had their share or fun, play, cotton candy and ice cream (the last two thanks to "Ninong" Doc :)

The food was less of the cholesterol/high-blood pressure inducer type and consisted of hotdog of different types, white chicken with ginger sauce, spaghetti and another dish from Chona which I didn't get to try (was planning on trying it but the rains fell). We first sought for shelter when some drops of rain started falling but they were too few and went away. Then about half hour or an hour later, the real rains fell and we all ran carrying what we could to the shelter.

What we left behind on our picnic table we had hoped we had covered, but the strong rains seeped in the lids of some of our containers and Doc's rice turned into lugaw, my spaghetti sauce turned into soup and the left-over cotton candies turned hard but was still good to eat! Even the sauce was still okay to eat and we mixed it with the remaining noodles and divided it for takeout.

Back to the rains... it was the scary type of rain, reminding us of Ondoy last year. It didn't let on for probably 30 minutes and we could see the salespeople on the side closing shop so the floodwaters would not get in their store. The water was slowly rising and we were all wondering when we'd get out or whether we had to swim out.

When the rains subsided, we got our things ready and walked on whatever dry path we could but had to cross a pathway which was flooded up to our ankles. Back to our car, we were happy to get out of the wet and rains, change whatever clothes we could and finally get home. We were all tired - from the earlier heat, then the play and then the rains. Well, it is August, the rainy season - this is something we should be expecting more of.


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