Friday, August 13, 2010

Quiapo and Villalobos

So we did go to Quiapo, Mom and I. Got the washing done around 8:30 and left the house a little after 9am. Jojo was out having breakfast with Doc Jess, so I left him a note saying we should be back by the time he picked up Joselyn from school. And we did just that. Actually Jojo didn't come home so didn't see the note.

Anyways, it is a Friday and Quiapo church was packed with devotees. Hanga talaga ako sa mga taong pumupunta sa simbahan na ito tuwing biernes. Grabe talaga ang sakrapisyo! As religious as I am or I think I am, I still hate the inconvenience of long lines, the heat and crowds. I see the many people from all walks of life come to the church and really participating in the liturgy, songs and mass. We only went in for a few minutes. Kind of guilty that my main purpose for going to Quiapo was not to attend mass, but to buy the glittering stones that were sold nearby.

It's been ages since I've been back to Villalobos and there are so many changes, more stores that sell beads, accessories and such have cropped up. Since we were time-strapped, I went to the stores that I was used to going, the one on the left that sells - Butangting is the name that is on their price tags and the more well-known and more well-supplied Wellmanson's. I love the supplies at Wellmanson's and wish I had more time to browse around. I found some nice beads, but couldn't find the exact kinds that Mom had brought back from the US. I have enough though to keep me busy. Didn't get to buy any batteries for my camera, so again, no pictures. (Pictures and the following text added after editing - August 16)
The above are some of the necklaces that I made from the different blue beads that were available in the box that Mom sent back. The first two are "symmetrical", having the same type of beads on both sides. The others are assymmetrical, which I tried after seeing the combinations that Joselyn was putting together at random. It really was interesting to see the different shades, shapes and sizes put together. It was unique and actually required more "artistry" than in doing the balanced style. I gave one of these assymmetrical ones to Ate Elvie as a birthday gift, which I hope she liked. Like I mentioned in my previous blog, I was kind of getting tired with the blue theme and wanted more colors. I searched the Quiapo stores for different shapes and shades and sizes, but my budget could only go so far. Plus I couldn't find the nice quality glass beads that Mom had gotten. But here's what I made with the red and clear beads that I bought. I still have more in stock and will try to find time this week to get another creation done. I hope to give some to Mom to bring back to the US for my aunts and cousins.


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