Monday, August 2, 2010


Mom cooked pinapaitan this past Saturday. "Pinapaitan" literally means "made bitter". It uses the apdo (the gallbladder of the beef), to make it bitter. I was actually looking forward to this dish, though I don't like bitter food. I like it without the bitterness, a little sour. "Gusto mo yata sinigang", Jojo once told me. Yes, I like it when additional sourness from kalamansi is squeezed in the soup of the pinapaitan and when it's not too bitter, or hardly at all. But mom put the whole plastic of apdo sauce making it so bitter. I was so disappointed that when my mom asked me to taste it, I said "kayo na lang magubos nyan!". ("you finish that!"). Yuck, so bitter! I could tell mom was disappointed too in part at my response. I, too, felt ashamed at what I said, a little childish, but I was so looking forward to the dish. She took out all the water from what she made and put a new batch. The bitterness was still there but not as bad as before. Well, they don't call it "pinapaitan" for nothing.


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