Saturday, August 7, 2010

On Creative Writing

I've been reading some websites on Creative Writing. There was one, Creative Writing 101, which asked questions relating to "Why Do You Want To Write?", and it was amazing that I answered 'yes' to almost all and a 'maybe' to some.

I'm glad that I seem to be in the right direction with setting a goal of writing two blogs per day. It is my writing exercise. I have seldom really come upon a stumbling block where I don't have any topic to write about. I've started off sometimes turning the computer on, going to this blog and then typing how I don't have anything to write about and then a thought comes up and my fingers just keep going. Just like now. :)

Do I want to get into Creative Writing or am I already into it? I've got several stories in my mind, not mine but others that I can relate to, that I want to put on paper. It will definitely be more than just journal writing like I'm doing now. It will be longer for sure, take more of my time, more work, more sweat and maybe tears. Am I up for it? Is this where my passion lies? It will be a challenge for sure. I will read more on creative writing, tips and ideas - and keep honing up on my skills by practicing here in my blog.

This is an exciting time... an adventure indeed!


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