Sunday, August 1, 2010

Ninong Jojo and Michael's Restaurant

I feel at a loss today - of words that is. Writer's block? Hehe! Or is the pressure I put on myself of writing two blogs a day getting to me. It would be so much handier to have a portable computer, so I can blog when an important train of thought comes to mind. I'll put that on my wish list.

My husband was one of the ninongs at a wedding yesterday. Only he attended the wedding of the son of one of his friend's in Binangonan. The invitation was for "2", but there's 4 of us, 5 if we include mom. So I said it was best to just stay home. Plus I had the usual housework to do.

The wedding and reception was held at Michael's Restaurant, one of the restaurants in Binangonan that serves native food. We've been there as a family a couple of times before. Great food, especially the seafood dishes! Try the dalag fish, a specialty of Binangonan. Another favorite is the calamares and the crispy hipon. It's been awhile that I've tried these dishes because of my eczema and my possible allergies with seafood. My memory will satisfy for now.


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