Sunday, August 8, 2010

My Stance On Contraceptions

Let me get a little more personal. Too personal perhaps. I'm still thinking if I should even click on publish after I write these thoughts or if to leave it in draft mode.

This one is a reaction to today's opinion article, that of Patricia Evangelista's article titled "Criminal". I understand where she's coming from and I truly feel for the many women who have been through the different abortion methods that have caused them their health and even their lives. The medical staffs who let these women go on bleeding sometimes to their death is truly insensitive and even immoral.

My stance on this issue, specifically on contraception and the options available to women... I am Catholic and try my best to be faithfully so. I have been married for over 8 years now, happily so with two beautiful children. I would love to have more, but I have health issues and maybe our economic status at this time also limits us to two. We have never used any contraception to avoid getting pregnant, no condoms, no birth control pills. We use the natural method, either abstinence or withdrawal method. I know there are others, like the rhythm method, which I honestly don't know enough to practice. But the methods we have used has worked for us.

I believe the problems of unintended pregnancies runs deeper and can't be solved by the use of plastics and pills. After I gave birth to my second child, my OB-Gynecologist advised spacing out child births ideally to more than 4 years and gave me a prescription for birth control pills along with instructions on when to take the pills. Either this or have my husband use condoms. I told my husband about what the fine doctor suggested and we both agreed that our consciences did not want us to use either.

The problems run deeper and it won't be solved by plastics and pills. Education, alleviation from poverty, spiritual rebirth. Yes, I dare say it, spiritual rebirth. Despite our country's dominantly Christian/Catholic religiosity, our morality is still low and getting lower still. Sex and its effects are seeping into our society.

I do not want to judge those who chose abortion. But the examples you gave were of people who had a choice. It was not a matter of life or death, but mostly because of economic reasons. The 2nd unborn child got in the way of Maricel's getting a job as a domestic helper abroad, the 9th unborn child was already too many mouths to feed for the mother of 8.

This is a big and serious issue, too much for one sitting. But let me end (for now) that if there is something that both sides of the Reproductive Health Bill should focus their attention on are those "doctors", who with or without the passing of this bill, will continue their illegal practices and continue to risk the lives of thousands of women and their unwanted child.


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