Sunday, August 1, 2010

More Than Enough

I just wrote a few hours ago about how I want or how I need a portable computer so I can blog when a flash of thought that I feel I need to share comes to mind. After getting up from the computer to give the next person their turn (Joselyn this time), what do I see on the kitchen table but a small notepad and ballpen I've been carrying around with me to journal Benjo's medication intake. How portable and readily available can a notepad and pen get???

We seem to forget these basic tools, so used to electronics and modern gadgets. Remain simple. Reduce. Turn back to the basics. These are some of my ideals which is so hard to follow in today's fast-paced, technology world.

I don't need a laptop. Having a PC with an internet connection is more than enough. It should be enough. And if not, we have lots of paper and pens and pencils in the house to compensate.
Today's Gospel reading and Father Jerry Orbos' article in the Inquirer today reminds us of the evil nature of greed or the dangers of always wanting more. We went to the 8am mass today instead of the usual 7am mass. The 7am and every second mass thereafter are said in English, which I prefer since I better understand the readings and the whole mass. But we woke up late and I had a little difficulty with the tagalog Gospel reading. "Kasakiman" was mentioned several times in the homily. I kind of understood, but was not sure of the English translation, until now. "Greed". Be forewarned of all kinds of greed. Guilty of this sin, I am. Yes, I have too many excess luggage, which I do not know what to do with. And yet, why am I so unwilling to share it with those who do not have?


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