Friday, August 13, 2010

Jewelry-making, Chores, atbp.

I only blogged once yesterday, breaking that goal I made of 2 blogs a day. I hope it won't become a habit. There were opportunities especially last night when the kids were in bed. But again, it was late by my standards (9:30pm) and I was tired and to be honest, lazy. So here I am starting out early, hoping to make up for breaking the written "rule".

I search inside for something to say. My mind is blank but only for awhile. I try to think, to concentrate, but the sounds from the TV, mostly commercials, disrupt my thoughts.

I got a lot to do today. Handwash the kids' uniforms is first on my list. I would love to have time to go to Quiapo this morning. I've gotten into jewelry making again. But the blue beads that I've been working with (the ones that mom brought back in the balikbayan box several years ago) are now getting tiresome. There are great shops of fashion jewelry supplies on Villalobos street. It's been over a year I think since I've last gone, the last time was with Ate Connie when she bought some beads for us to make as pasalubong for her friends and co-workers.

So, let me start my chores, if I am to get them done on time. Will let you know later if I do get to go to Quiapo. It will be nice to get out of the house, too many hours indoors. Do need to get out, not for fresh air. We all know that it will be more polluted air that I will breathe sitting in the jeepney. I try to cover my nose with a hankershief, but it makes me look like a snob. It is necessary though and I hope that the people next to me don't think I'm covering my nose because of them. Though I have to admit, it is sometimes because of them - sweat or perfumes that are way too strong. Oh, the jeepney ride - an experience you won't forget.


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