Monday, August 23, 2010

Jeepney Ride

Picture of jeep taken from link.
Strangers all, no familiar faces,
But faces that are too familiar;
Filipinos from different walks of life -
Students, office workers, vendors,
Young, old, poor, middle class.

There is no chatter,
People just trying to ignore each other;
I take quick looks at the people around me,
I get some looks back, and quickly turn away,
Do not dare to stare too long.

The sound of the motor roars,
Others beep, then roars, louder still,
Smoke follows, I cover my nose,
People around are off to school or work,
Starting out fresh, but sweat rolls from their foreheads.

The seat is not too tight, I have some room to move,
At least I’m not sitting with half my behind on the seat,
I’ve done that before, wobbly legs followed;
No, this is as comfortable as it gets,
Ahh, a cool breeze from the open window behind me.

I try to close my eyes, trying to rest awhile,
Seen enough of the people around me,
But still being wary, opening my eyes every few seconds;
Others getting off, others getting on,
I awake from my daze, getting ready for my stop.

“Para mama”, “Sa tabi lang po”,
The driver finds a place to stop,
Hopefully not in the middle of the street,
To stop near where I need to go,
The jeepney stops and I quickly get off with others.

We have shared a ride together,
These people whom I do not know,
For just a few minutes, a few moments of our lives,
We all had one thing in common,
Our jeepney ride.


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