Thursday, August 12, 2010

Innocent Victims

Such a wonderful morning, but to wake up to the news (and bad news at that) is not so wonderful. A 3-month old baby fell into the creek after his mother found that the make-shift bed of blanket's knot fell apart. Oh my God! Some people were searching in the darkness of the creek near Barangay Pag-asa. My heart fell, thinking and imagining the baby drowning. 3 months! To live above a creek with floors with holes.

Corruption kills and it's news such as these that you want to blame someone. Where is the government when you need it? People should not be living under the bridges, in homes made of left-over wood and carton boxes. Food, shelter, clothing - these are our basic necessities, to live a life of dignity. Our basic needs, our basic rights.

If they had a decent home, that innocent 3-month old would not have fallen into the creek. Carelessness, living in danger, just living, victims.


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