Wednesday, August 11, 2010

On Digital Cameras

I was about to take a picture of the necklaces I made yesterday to post here, but my camera is totally low on battery. How much have I spent on battery on this camera? Probably as much as it was worth. Mom bought this Canon PowerShot A200 back in 2002 before she left Canada for $200 Canadian dollars. It was on sale and back then Can$200 was about P7000+. So it was a good deal, a great deal considering the countless shots I took of the kids when they were babies, our trips to different places and meetings with friends and families. All captured in digital format and most are saved on CD.

We were one of the first with a digital camera back then. How I loved that I could just click away, not worrying about the number of pictures I've taken and see it instantly as I uploaded the pictures to our PC. But of course the payback was the ... battery. Low-bat was a usual complaint after several pictures. I've compensated by not using the LCD of the small display and sometimes not using the flash. The pictures though have also been compensated in quality, too dark, or too blurred.

I look at some of the pictures that mom took when we were younger. I remember she had a fancy camera. I think she was fond of photography back then too. But the problem was it was too complicated and she didn't know how to use its features, thereby having pictures turn out blurred. "Sayang!" ("Waste!" or "Too bad!"), I tell myself, when I see our family picture, the one where we looked so happy just sitting on the front lawn. We know it's a picture of us, but our faces are blurred.

The "in" thing right now are the digital SLR cameras that take wonderful, clear pictures. Those that the professional usually use but now even the amateurs are carrying. Oh, how I would love to have one of those. But they are expensive (sigh). Wouldn't it be worth it to capture quality, clear pictures while the kids are young and the moments are right? How much is too much? Here's one for my wish list.


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