Saturday, August 14, 2010

Sales, Underwear and New Camera

I seem to have difficulty blogging on weekends, maybe because the kids are out of school and I tend to sleep in a little later in the morning, if you can call 6:30am sleeping-in. I would love to wake up later, but the kids are awake even earlier than me. They're used to waking up early on the schooldays.

I'm full after eating a dinner of longganisa, fried rice and mango. Sounds more like breakfast ha? Harder to think, sleepy as well and tired...

We were at SM Sta Mesa earlier. Our plan was to first go to Soen to buy some underwear that my cousin wanted Mom to buy. Underwear here is much cheaper than in the US and other places abroad. Soen makes good quality panties and bras. (Soen is a Philippines-made product. Something to be proud of despite the many international competitors. Sad to see though that their website features foreigners as their models, another proof of our Colonial mentality that still abounds.) Even their infant wear is of good quality. Joselyn got a dozen panties for her 1st birthday and they lasted 'til they couldn't fit her any more. Plus they fit her thighs well, unlike the Gap panties that she also got as gifts which are too loose and don't hide what they're supposed to hide.

Anyway, we thought Soen opened around 9am, but it opens at 10am. It was around 9:30am so we decided to go to SM Sta Mesa first. We were early, but the basement section with the foodcourt and grocery was already open. We had merienda first and then trooped to find CDR King to buy a memory card for the camera that Ate Connie sent. The kids, especially Benjo, was so excited about the new camera. It's so light though that I'm scared they might drop it. So they got mad when I told them they couldn't play with it unlike the other older camera. It has 12megapixels, really clear compared to our previous 2mb. It also has video with audio. We're going to have fun with this one. Plus, get this, rechargeable batteries! So, no more buying costly batteries. A BIG thank you to Ate Connie!

SM Sta Mesa had a weekend sale, a big draw so there were more people in the mall than usual. We hardly go to this mall and do kind of get lost in it. Jojo did get to buy 2 tshirts for P50 each as we were passing by on our way to cdr-king. After getting so used to Divisoria and ukay-ukay prices, I just couldn't think of the sale tags as bargains. The blouses at Soen were really nice, but again the prices P800+ was way too much. Maybe when I do get myself a good job I'll treat myself with a nice, even expensive blouse. For now I'm contented with my old ones and the ones that I get for gifts.


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