Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hostage-taking, such a tragedy...

I had such a mix of emotions last night as we were watching the live telecast of the hostage-taking in front of Quirino Grandstand.  The kids had just finished with their TV time, with Jojo interrupting every once in a while to turn the channel to the news.  It was live action drama, drama that we would usually watch on the likes of FPJ movies.  But it was all too real.  And when we saw live how the driver climbed out of the window into safety, so fearful, being mobbed by the media, blurting out: "Patay na silang lahat!".  I felt a chill and gasped.  It took them so long, why, oh why, did it come to this???

And as the policemen came closer to the hostaged bus, I said "turn off the TV".  This was not the type of scenes that kids should be watching.  Too real, too violent, too sad.  We first sat in silence.  I tried to get my wits together, my emotions intact.  I had my kids to think of.  But there were kids involved and that's what made it all the more heart-breaking.  The kids didn't seem to want to play with their usual toys, so I told them to get a book and we read the book of "Tom and Jerry" together, making them laugh and smile again, and for awhile forget the current tragedy that was happening only several miles away from us.  Jojo would pop his head once or twice giving us updates until I signalled him to stop.  He got the picture and stopped.

It wasn't us nor of anyone we know.  But they were innocent victims, caught in a situation that they could do nothing about.  It could've been us.  The first thing to come to mind was when the kids had their field trip last year.  Their first bus ride and they were on their own with their teachers and other assistants.  Would this event give them some fear of riding a bus?  Would we allow them to ride on a bus without us?  It could've happened to anyone.

As we know now, the hostage-taker died after being shot by policemen.  The hostage-taker shot 8 hostages.  There were survivors, thank God, but they had to witness the death of their loved ones and will forever be scarred because of this tragedy.  We all want to make sense of it all, put blame to whoever.  Lord, help us... heal us of our wounds, our pains, our confusions.  Your paradise, Your heavenly Jerusalem seems so far away right now.


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