Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Healing and Protecting My Sores

My right thumb has a sore again. Very painful when used the wrong way. My eczema sores seem to be getting worse. My last blog on it I had mentioned that I was going to try for a more holistic approach and try virgin coconut oil. That only lasted for a day or so 'cause the itchiness was so aggravating. The VCO could not control the itchiness and I'm not sure if it helped with the dryness. So I went back to my medication of Betamethasone/Gentamycin cream until I used that up and then used the similar cream that Ate Connie gave Betamethasone with Valerate. I've been on it for about two weeks now. The first week using Burow's Solution, which helped calm down the itchiness. But now some sores are so dry and chappy like the one on my thumb which I think caused the opening of the wound and bleeding.

I'm not sure about this self-medication. But I am staying away from the Prednisone pills that caused me such terrible withdrawal symptoms. I had Jojo buy me a box of surgical gloves - a box of 100 costs P150 at these medical supply stores in Sta. Cruz, Manila, compared to about P400 at Mercury!

This has helped me somewhat when I do my housework. Though the powder inside the gloves may be irritating my fingers and on humid days my hands tend to sweat inside the latex gloves. It is better than the rubber gloves I used before, though I don't like the idea of so much waste and try to reuse them as much as I can. I do wish there is some other option, like maybe gloves with cotton insides and rubber or some other waterproof material on the outside. Wonder if there is such a glove out in the market?


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