Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Funny Tales

Another late blog night. It's before 10pm but it's late for me who is usually already sound asleep during this time. I really am a morning person and do write better in the early morning. My brain's half asleep. Even last night as I wrote that "poem", I was in a daze, half of me in dreamland.

I wanted to blog on some funny stories. These stories I want to write down so that I won't forget them. Too good and funny to forget.

One of Benjo's classmates last year is no longer studying at Angelicum. We thought that he may have moved to the afternoon session, but we haven't seen him waiting outside their classroom at dismissal time. He was one of Benjo's close friends and he's been missing him. Yesterday, when Benjo came home, he told Jojo that Miguel has moved, "nag-abroad na siya!", ("he's moved abroad (or overseas)!"). Then when asked where he moved to, he said "to Mindanao!". Hahaha! Well, Mindanao is far enough away to be called "abroad".

Another funny tale is from our dentist friend (the mother of Benjo's classmate), who told of one of her patients who was asked to fill up an information form. When the patient got to the part for "Sex", she looked at the dentist and exclaimed: "Ay, doctora, matanda na ako para dyan!" ("Doctora, I'm too old for that!")

This one is quite old, and I think I've heard it before, but it is a true story from the time when Jojo was working as a janitor in the US. He was working with someone else, whom we'll name John Dela Cruz. Someone came up and asked if they had finished with a certain room: "Are you done?" Jojo's co-worker answered, "Ah no, I'm John Dela Cruz". He thought he was looking for "Don".

All obvious mistakes, but makes for a wonderful laugh.


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