Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Finished Reading "Me"

I finished reading "Me" by Katharine Hepburn just yesterday. I had dropped it almost completely the whole of last week and was wondering if I would ever finish the remaining chapters. It's different from reading novels where you want to continue because of the storyline and the suspense that it creates. But non-fiction is different, you read bits and pieces and can stop at any time and pick up at any time without missing a beat, for most books anyway. I'm glad I did finish it though, 'cause the last chapters were actually the most touching parts of her lives. Her life with and the way Spencer Tracy died and her special part in his life, the house they shared and the struggles he had during his last years; the car accident she had (ran head-on to a telephone pole) and how she and her faithful assistant recovered; her struggles with her aging body and the many people who she shared her life and career with.

What a life she led. Such a spirit - courageous, never giving up, honest and frank, and full of life even to the end. But her end was still far from the end of the book as she lived more than decade more. Wow, to live half her adventures! But like I mentioned in a previous blog, she lacked spirituality that comes with faith, but I hope she did find it before she died. I still have to find and watch one of her older movies. Another movie to add to my list: "The Corn Is Green".


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