Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Fighting The Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes all around.  One, two or even three.  Small, you'd think innocent, but could carry such a deadly disease.  We're doing what we can to keep our house mosquito free.  We think the mosquitoes may have acquired an immunity from the insect spray that we use every so often.  Jojo has tried burning the skin of lansones.  He insists that the smoke from the burnt skin will clear the air of these pesky insects.  But I'm not so sure.  The smoke fills the house and causes us to cough.  What's worse, getting bitten by a mosquito or suffering from lung disease???

I killed one this morning, tried to bite me on the leg.  Smack!  I missed, then he tried my other leg, that persistent bugger... Smack!  I got him that time!  One down, I feel victorious!  I saw another in our bedroom which I didn't catch.  Our bedroom has to be mosquito-free, it's our sanctuary.  Gonna try to get that miniature monster.

Been putting insect-repellant on the kids before they set off for school.  I tried using it one time for myself when I was outside washing the clothes.  Doesn't seem to work with flies that seem to ignore the smell of the repellant and continually bug me and my sores.

The cases of dengue has risen 50% since last year according to the DOH.  Heard stories from our school that several kids, all in one class, got sick with the dengue fever.  They're blaming the school.  Joselyn got the dengue last year, we spent two days in the hospital.  It was a good thing that we caught the symptoms in its early stages, so she didn't need any blood transfusion, just some rest with a regular IV during our hospital stay.  I really do not want a repeat of all that.

Okay, back to the battlefield... got my spray, ready to attack the blood-sucking critters that are abundant in the garden.  Saw one just fly by.  This is war!


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