Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Fashion Jewelry-making

I almost forgot to write my second blog today. I was about to go to bed, the kids already fast asleep, when I remembered. It's been a busy day, made busy due to making some fashion jewelry. This was a hobbie I was into quite a few years back, even making a small business out of it. I still have so many beads left and even if I want to go to Quiapo to buy others, I want to make what I can with what I have. Mom also sent over a case of different beads a few years back that I've only used once. These are beads of different shapes and sizes of blue. Quite pretty, but I do want to get beads of different colors.

I made 3 necklaces today which I'll take a picture of in the morning and post it here. I made one a few months back which I liked and only got to wear the previous Sunday. The ones I'm making I think I'll give away as Christmas gifts or give to my relatives in the US when Mom flies back. Yes, before we know it, Christmas will soon be here, so preparing for gifts this early is a wise idea.


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