Monday, August 9, 2010

Eating Paotsin Meals

We went to SM after the kids got off school. I know it's a Monday and we would usually go out near the end of the week, either on a Thursday or Friday. But I think it's more of a reward for them to continue with the rest of the school week.

We had lunch at Paotsin, one of our favorite fast foodies that seems to be popular wherever we go. We usually go for their "shark's fin" (I put it in quotes, because we all know it's not shark's fin or else it wouldn't be so cheap) with rice combination. Recently they introduced laksa to their menu and it tastes real good. It's not too spicy so even Benjo enjoys the noodles and soup. Their buko pandan juice is also a great addition.

This company seems to be a success. I wonder if it would be a good investment??? I did a short search on the internet just now on Paotsin and found a site where someone commented that the company does not franchise but is totally company owned. Too bad, seems many others would also be interested.


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