Sunday, August 22, 2010

Bye Mom, For Now...

About 30 minutes from now, Mom's flight will take off - about a 13-hour direct flight from Manila to San Francisco via Philippine Airlines.We've dropped off Mom how many times now?  At least once a year for the past 4 years.  We're so used to the scene that we no longer shed a tear, knowing that soon she will be back.

The downstairs area is so silent now.  If Mom was here, she would probably be either sleeping on the couch with the television still on or on nights when she tries to stay awake to watch her favorite teleseryes, she plays games on the computer.  Text Twist and the Spongebob Collapse games are her favorites.

I know Mom must've been lonely being here downstairs by herself at night.  She never wanted to be left alone.  I know she kept the television on even if she wasn't watching.  The silence was more deafening and/or threatening.  There were nights when I would turn off the tv hearing her snore.  Then a few minutes later, she would wake up and turn it back on.  She couldn't sleep without the tv being on, as if it was her noisy companion.

The kids are sound asleep now after being home for over an hour.  We didn't run into too much traffic on our way home from the airport.  We left Mom at the care of the porter who helped her with her luggage.  I kind of felt some anxiety leaving Mom to a stranger.  But it's their job and I'm sure Mom will tip him generously.  She's probably already boarded the plane by now.  I sure hope that she gets to rest and sleep on her flight.  I pray too for the safety of their trip, for the pilots and crew members to be guided well.  I pray most of all that God may keep Mom company - on the long flight, in their landing, in her travels, during the times when she's with her sisters or with our relatives, on the days when she wants to come back home, on the days when she feels lonely.  Lord, bless my Mother.


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