Thursday, August 5, 2010

Blog Fun, Benjo, Cooking Bug...

I've started to really enjoy designing this blog, as you may be able to tell. Added a couple of fun widgets, like the family stick figures (they don't really look like us, but it was the closest they had available) and the fish widget which the kids enjoyed "feeding". We have a real fish tank, but at least with these fish on the blog, we don't have to worry about overfeeding :)

Well, I think Benjo is back to his old self. He was at his high-energy self this morning. This little guy is really something special. And I hope I'm not saying that because I'm his mother. But he is. He's been kicking around, saying that he's practicing his karate. I'm still debating on whether to get him into martial arts, something that he is interested in, especially after watching "Karate Kid". Angelicum does provide Taekwondo classes, but I don't think they have Karate. I'd like to research on the different types of martial arts though to find out which is best.

I cooked again yesterday and this morning. Well, I baked yesterday - banana cake. It was one of those instant packages where I add a couple of ingredients that happened to be handy. The kids love banana cake. I should bake this more often, really simple and only takes about 10-15 minutes of preparation time and 20-30 minutes in the oven. This morning, I made Benjo's usual chicken noodle soup and pho chicken soup for Jojo and me, both the instant types. I see a pattern here, which I hope to break.

When I first tried the Pho noodles that Jojo found at Quincy supermarket, I was horrified at the amount of sodium that I read on the packaging. Are you ready for this? ... 65%!!! I thought that the sodium in the regular chicken noodle soups were already high at 25-30%, but pho has double the sodium! I don't put the whole flavoring in for both the regular chicken noodle soup and the pho, only about half the package. I add additional noodles and water, which lessens the sodium and saltiness. It still tastes great and the kids love it too.

I don't know what I've caught, some sort of cooking fever? Remember, I'm not the cooking type, I bake some, prepare the table, eat and do the dishes. Jojo and Mom does the cooking. But I'm craving for some Thai tom yum soup and phad thai. I do miss our favorite Thai restaurants in Seattle - Thai Cafe is the first place I experienced the whole new world of Thai food and where my friends and I spent many good times at. I'm going to look for an online recipe to try them out.

(August 18: Here's a recipe for Phad Thai that I found which I hope to try.  It sounds promising, chicken, eggs, good stuff that the kids like on their own... Now when to find time to try this.  I'll try this week.)


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