Saturday, August 21, 2010

Ano Ang Ginawa Niya?

"Ano naman ang ginawa niya?", she asked with a smirk, looking at the expansive building that was then the unopened Ninoy Aquino International Airport 3.  Of course, she (whom I will not name to avoid conflicts or arguments), was referring to Ninoy Aquino, who died on the terminal of the then, Manila International Airport, after being assissinated and whose name replaced the old airport and also bears the names of the newer more modern airport.

Ano ang ginawa niya?  Well, he died in the face of danger, because he did not want to continue living his safe existence away from the country he loved.  Was that enough?  What greater show of sacrifice can someone give than to give up his life.  No, he did not want to give up his life.  He had many plans for the country, for his family and he wanted to be a part of all that.  But his life was cut short.  He knew it might happen and yet he came home, boarded that fateful flight and came down out of the airplane to the awaiting danger.  It only took seconds.

Ano ang ginawa niya?  No, he didn't build bridges, nor highways, nor a cultural center.  I don't even know of his contributions as senator, though I know they must've been many.  I just read an article that he had written.  He was a knowledgeable man, a man who knew of our country's history, its conflicts, the influences of those who had governed our country and the need of the Filipinos to rise in spite of our past.

Ano ang ginawa niya?  He wrote, he spoke when he could and what a great speaker he was, he dreamed, dreamed for a better Philippines, and he loved, loved his family and his country.  If he had lived, he may have become our next president.  And what a great president he would have been.  But he didn't.  He died on the tarmac and it happened so suddenly.

Ano ang ginawa niya?  The legacy he left behind has inspired a thousand more to strive to continue his dream.  What he has left behind may not be something that can be seen like in the buildings or roads, it is not something material.  What he has left behind is his spirit, a spirit of hope, of bravery, of love of our fellow countrymen and of our country.  It is a spirit that lives on even to this day, a day when we remember that 27 years ago, Ninoy came home, but only to touch the land that he loved with his bloodied body.

Ano ang ginawa niya?  In his words, "The Filipinos are worth dying for." And he did just that.  He died, so that our eyes can be opened, so that we can live in truth, so that we can learn to love our country and be proud to be a Filipino.  He is still very much alive today, but our struggle still continues.  He has set an example that each Filipino should follow.  Let us all remember Ninoy, his life, his struggles, his dream, his death.  And remember that we all have our own responsibility to become a better person, to become a better Filipino, 'cause someone sacrificed his life for us.

Ano ang ginawa niya?  What did he do?  He lived a noble life and died a hero's death.  It's really a question not worth answering.  I didn't answer it myself during that time, too numb by the absurdity of the question.  Isn't it obvious?  Maybe not to all.


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