Saturday, July 31, 2010

Where Is My Passion?

Last day of the month... oh, yes time does fly. I sometimes turn on the computer thinking that I don't have anything to write about. Then, my fingers have a mind of their own and are at the mercy of my brain. Dangerous thing, don't you think? Having the ability to write your thoughts as they come, unfiltered, uncensored but without pretention - just raw thoughts if you can call it that. But I guess that's why I like to write, it's just an exercise in releasing my thoughts, hidden and jumbled as they are.

Right now I'm thinking of "Project Runway", which we saw the final episode of yesterday. Thanks to an additional digital cable box which we had installed last Wednesday, we now have cable downstairs too. Of course, I was the only one interested in watching the show, but thankfully no one objected and the rest of the family watched even if impartially. Joselyn seemed to like the dresses that just came out the backstage onto the runway. She'd laugh at some of the outlandish ones. I'd ask if she liked it and wanted one and she'd say "no", it was way too big. Or she'd exclaim "Wow!" at the beautiful designs.

I like watching "Project Runway" and its local equivalent "Project Runway Philippines" (not sure if they're having another season). I took up a dressmaking class about two years ago. It was free and was being sponsored by the Catholic Women's League of Lourdes Church. So, I signed up and finished the course. I blogged on this several times before (search for "dressmaking") Well, back then I thought I would be interested in becoming a fashion designer, but that never pushed through, although I still enjoy watching fashion shows such as this.

In one part of the judging segment of the show, one judge commented on how "passionate" one contestant was. Another judge replied saying "You have to be passionate to survive in this business." That got me to thinking. No, I'm not passionate about fashion designing. This is so true for all types of businesses and careers. I'm not even sure what I'm passionate about.

Sure, I'm passionate about my kids. I think I'm passionate about my writing, especially blogging. Was I passionate about "computer science" and the computer field that I graduated from and thought would follow as my career path? I don't think so. I like solving problems, like mathematical problems that made me think logically. I also like writing and expressing my thoughts. I enjoyed making the invitation cards for the kid's baptism and birthdays. I thought about that as a career or side business too. But where is my passion? My core passion as I read from one of Bo Sanchez' articles? I still do not know.


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