Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Water, Agua, Tubig!

Yesterday I blogged on our electricity bill (which is in front of me as I write, will pay it later today before its due date). Today I write about another utility, more important I believe than electricity, that is - water. We are very lucky to not be part of the many here in Manila and the surrounding areas experiencing a water shortage. We passed by a place along Del Monte that had a big plastic bin of water, where people were lining up with all different sorts of containers to fill. One of the father's of Benjo's classmates has been without water since Bagyo Basyang one week ago.

Angat Dam is below critical level, the reason for the shortage of water in many parts of Metro Manila. Such a waste of water when they released the dam waters back in September when Bagyo Ondoy released mammoth proportions of rainwater. That caused flooding and damage to many homes. Now, are we seeing the effects of this waste? And in the papers this morning, they are saying that this water shortage will get worse.

I mentioned that we're lucky, but I wonder for how long. We have 3 plastic bins outside filled with water. I was complaining how much slower the water flows these days. Before when water was being used downstairs, water would still flow at a fast enough rate upstairs. Now, it is much slower, sometimes to a trickle when the toilet is flushed downstairs. But I can't complain now, with people just a few miles from us are not getting even a drop.

Electricity we can do without, we can live without (difficult, though it may be). But water is such a necessity - not only for drinking and cooking, but for bathing and cleaning our clothes and homes. Rains, please come, we need you to fill our dams.


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