Thursday, July 8, 2010

VCO and Getting My Priorities Straight

The VCO (or Virgin Coconut Oil) seems to be working, though it's too early to tell. I found some relief from the itching. But I was a little scared that after applying it before going to bed, that ants or other insects may find their way to this sweet smelling delicacy and add to my predicaments. Fortunately, they didn't - they must not be attracted to VCO.

As I quickly tried to turn the PC and get ready for this blog, mom wanted my attention by telling me a story of a fight that was going on in the palengke (market), where she just came from. I was a little irate thinking that she was taking up my time with a story that I wasn't interested in. And then I remembered a part of Sunday's homily where the priest quoted how the new technologies, like the internet and all these networking sites, insists (not sure if this is the right translation) on bringing closer those who are apart and on bringing further all those who are close (it was said in tagalog: "pilit na pinapalapit ang mga malalayo at pinapalayo ang mga malalapit"). Yes, it does seem that we spend so much time chatting, texting, talking to those who are far away from us. Like what I'm doing here blogging to an anonymous audience (if there is one), while ignoring or wishing to ignore the live conversations of those who are just right next to me. This was not my goal in trying to write a blog a day. I will put my priorities straight and realize what is more important in my life - my real life and not the snippets of my life that I choose to write here.


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