Thursday, July 29, 2010

True Beauty

Went to the doctor's earlier today for Benjo's checkup. While waiting I saw a round-faced little girl, probably around 8 years old. Cute and pretty. She reminded me of Charice Pempengco, who is so much in the news today and whom I just read about in Conrado de Quirros' article: "Is this it?" I'd like to comment on this issue too. I'm not sure if Charice's facial enhancement has already been done, but it has caused quite an uproar nationally and internationally.

Firstly, I put blame on those around Charice who even considered this procedure to "narrow her naturally round face" as Vicky Belo has said. Her mother, her manager and anyone close to her should not have encouraged this. Now we hear her mother saying that the comments should stop because it might ruin Charice's career. Hello! Is it just her career you care about? The career that has given you wealth beyond your imagination.

I believe one reason that the public, especially the American public, took such a liking to this young Filipino girl was that she sung not only with a voice that sent chills up your spine, but sung with self-confidence. This here is the keyword - "self-confidence". But this artificial treatment that will make her face unnaturally narrow, now gives us the impression of an insecure little girl who is as de Quirros mentions was pressured to undergo a treatment that will give her more confidence to advance in her singing and acting career.

We must be proud of how we look, no matter how we look. We may not look like the images that the modern media portray. Our noses may be too fat, our skins dark, our hairs kinky (or at least mine is), but this is what we were given, a gift from God. And for all this we should be thankful. Please, please, for anyone out there who is considering to change their appearances through surgery, reconsider - look in the mirror, or better yet, let God look at you and see the image that He sees in you. You are beautiful.


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