Saturday, July 10, 2010

Trip to Divisoria

Went to Divisoria earlier today. It was the first time in a long time that I've been on a Saturday. Not a good idea! Firstly, it took mom and I twice as long to commute there. The trip usually takes 20-30 minutes from our house, but I think it almost took us 45 minutes with the traffic especially in the Blumentritt area. We also left the house near 11am, later than I would like to have left. So at the height of the midday heat, we walked through crowded Divisoria. We zig-zagged along CM Recto and it wasn't long 'til mom felt hungry and asked we cross the street to have lunch at Chowking's. I wasn't hungry and since I didn't have any of the items on my checklist bought, I wanted to continue with the shopping. But we went to Chowking's and ordered mom's goto while I ordered halo-halo.

Good thing that Chowking's had a connecting door to what I thought was Tutuban mall and I had a chance to go look for sandals for myself while we waited for our food. I found a pair that was comfortable and looked durable. I needed to buy a pair that weren't thongs, because I have an eczema sore on my 2nd toe which gets irritated when wearing thongs. This part of Divisoria was new to me and when I asked if it was part of Tutuban, a salesperson answered 'yes'. It may have been but we found out that it was a totally different building from the one that we usually shop at, called the Cluster Building. It had a lot of blouses and other items, but I felt lost in it and quite disoriented. So we went out of the building and entered the "real" Tutuban Mall for the rest of our shopping.

I got Benjo his maong pants which he'll be using for his Scouting (check). I got the kids their toys, which I promised them before I left. Well, I got Benjo these imitation transformers and Joselyn a small basket and small dustpan and duster (by her request). Not a toy for us adults, but a toy for little girls. I tried looking for some rubber shoes for Joselyn but the kid's shoes for girls they had did not have any large sizes. This little girl with growing feet has outgrown her PE shoes. I'll have to look elsewhere or at least have her come with me to make sure the shoe fits. There were other things I wanted to look for, but mom who insisted on coming, was already tired from all the walking. I know mom loves to go on these trips to Divisoria with me, but I know it's difficult for her and I'm one of those people who likes to shop on her own. But it was good bonding time for us and I did appreciate the company. I do wish that there is a map of the Divisoria stores. It may be difficult with owners shifting locations, but one would be of a great help for us buyers. Maybe this is a project that someone out there wants to begin. I would love to be a part of it.


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