Friday, July 9, 2010

Too Big a House

My morning schedule of preparing the kids for school is a hectic one. But this school year, the kids' schedules are different (Benjo's is from 6:30-12nn while Joselyn's is from 8-11am). So it's Jojo that goes to and from school to drop them off and then pick them up, separately. I've been able to squeeze in both my morning bible reading, prayer and reflection time and my blogging time. Once Benjo leaves for school at around 6:10am, I get to have my morning devotional time (readings and reflections from the Companion, Kerygma publications). It is only about 15-20 minutes and I would love to have more time for prayer and meditation, but for now I'm thankful that I have this time on a regular basis.

Then I get Joselyn ready for school and start what I can of the house cleaning. After Joselyn leaves for school at around 7:30am, I would usually start the laundry or other household chores, but I've chosen (yes, chosen, because I am not a servant of anyone but my Lord) to write my thoughts here on my blog. Housework can wait. Though it surrounds me and is now starting to enter my thoughts.

This may sound a little ridiculous, especially for those living in cramp quarters like most of our kababayans. I was thinking the other day and I concluded that our house is too big for us. Yes, especially for a servantless (" 'Servantless'. Is that a word?" quoted from Julia Childs from the movie "Julie and Julia") Filipina homemaker. Julia used the word to refer to "servantless Americans", as compared to Europeans in her days. It goes well with Americans where the great majority do not have servants or household help. But here in the Philippines, being a "servantless Filipina" is a rarity, especially for middle and upper classes.

Back to my thought of having too big a house. We have 4 bedrooms, 3 upstairs and 1 downstairs. We, Jojo, the kids and I, use the master bedroom upstairs. Mom doesn't use any bedroom at all, but prefers to sleep on the sofa in the living room. The room downstairs contains cabinets where mostly mom has her clothes (the 2 other rooms upstairs also have cabinets with mostly mom's clothes). There is a bed downstairs, but that is mostly again, covered with clothes. We have a lot of THINGS, the majority of which we don't use and could probably get rid off. I would give it away if it was mine, but most of them are not. So, we mainly use just our upstairs bedroom, the living room, kitchen, dining and of course, the bathrooms. Then there is our outside area where the cars are parked and when Jojo brings out one car, the kids use the area to play or ride their bike.

So my thought of having too big a house is mainly based on the idea that I do not get to clean most parts of the house on a regular basis and that they're used as mainly storage areas for THINGS that we don't use. Honestly, I wouldn't miss this house if we were to move. It has become more of a burden than a blessing. Oh no, I didn't say that, did I?


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