Thursday, July 15, 2010

Then There Was No Light

We made it through another storm. Bagyong "Basyang" brought gusty winds that woke me up at around 12:30am yesterday. The winds were so strong that I thought that our glass windows would fall down. I went downstairs to see if the bedroom was already flooded. But I was thankful that it was not (YET). We had a pail, mop and 2 towels already in place. I went upstairs to see if the room above it was flooded and I could see that the wooden floors were already damp and the 2 containers half full. Then the lights began to fade and then totally went out. We were in the dark.

We went without electricity for nearly 24 hours. The kids fell asleep from tiredness and the heat, with a little help from me fanning them. I lay down around 9:30pm with a small flashlight under my pillow and the fan next to me. I would pick up the fan, half consciously, it felt, every 15 minutes of so. People were still out on the streets, children playing and shouting, someone strumming a guitar and even a fight with shouts from the drunken men a couple of houses away. I'm not sure what time it was (Jojo says it was around 10:30pm) that the lights finally came back on. I heard the jubilant shouts from men outside. And thankfully we could turn on the fan and the aircondition.

The night or to be more exact the previous early morning after the lights went out, the rains came and we were busy ringing out the soaked towels every 5 minutes it seemed. We filled maybe 5 pails full of rain water, that went through our walls and down the downstairs wall onto the floor. This kept us up. I stayed awake from 12:30 to around 3am, when Jojo woke up and he did his "shift" 'til around 5am when the rains subsided. I woke up at around 8am the next morning to clear weather.

The kids didn't have school because it was signal #2, though the weather had cleared. We didn't have electricity for the whole day. The most difficult part was trying to beat the heat, with the kids complaining and sweating all the time. They were used to having TV and the computer for their entertainment, but I, for one, was glad that we had time to do other things, like bonding time, time to talk, tell stories, watch the children dance, time to play games (they learned how to play monkey-monkey) and in the evening when they would usually have their TV time, they played shadow games using their small flashlights on the wall. (I'll post this too on our pinoyhomeschool blog).

Well, I missed a day of blogging yesterday, but I had a good excuse - no electricity, no internet connection.


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