Thursday, July 8, 2010

Songs and Stories that Made Me Cry

I have been such a cry-baby as of late. Like I mentioned in a previous blog, it might be a "midlife" crisis kind of down. I was watching KC Concepcion's morning talk show where she had her stepfather, Kiko Pangilinan, as guest. Senator Kiko's kids did a video dedication for him which was very cute and touching, then KC also said her 3 sorrys and 3 thank yous to her dad, which made the tears roll down. Yesterday I also bawled after listening to some of my favorite Christian songs that I haven't heard in awhile. The lyrics and music just went straight to my heart and I literally cried like a baby. So glad that I was all by myself in the room so that I could just let it all out. I found "If I Stand" by Rich Mullins, on Youtube. This song really sent tears falling down. Here are the lyrics copied from

There's more that rises in the morning
Than the sun
More that shines in the night
Than just the moon
There's more than just this fire here
That keeps me warm
In a shelter that is larger
Than this room
There's a loyalty that's deeper
Than mere sentiment
A music higher than the songs
That I can sing
The stuff of earth competes
For the allegiance
I owe only to the giver
Of all good things

So if I stand let me stand on the promise
That You will pull me through
And if I can't let me fall on the grace
That first brought me to You
If I sing let me sing for the joy
That has bornin me these songs
But if I weep let it be as a man
Who is longing for his home

There's more that dances on the prairies
Than the wind
More that pulses in the ocean
Than the tide
There's a love that is fiercer
Than the love between friends
More gently than a mother's
When her baby's at her side
Repeat Chorus


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