Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Reading Newspapers

"Why don't you read the newspapers?", my mom nagged me when I was in my late teens to early twenties. I had no interest back then. Yeah, I would scan the pictures and read the headlines and maybe some captions. But to actually read the articles. Not that I didn't like reading, I read pocketbooks back then. But to read on local, national and international news? Well, there was television for that, I would argue.

Fast-forward to now... I read the papers almost everyday or at least when I get the chance to. And it's not just the headlines or looking at the pictures any more. I actually read the articles and sometimes find myself reading all the articles in the Editorial/Opinion section of the Inquirer, our choice of paper. I don't know what got me started. Maybe politics here in the Philippines is much more interesting (to say the least) than that in the US. Or that there is a mixture of gossip and opinions that I can relate to.

But it's not just the politics, I also read the Leisure and Entertainment sections. Some of the writers that I regularly read are Conrado de Quirros (for his wit, blatant honesty and artistic write-ups), Patricia Evangelista, Michael Tan, and many others. In the showbiz section, I like reading Lucy Torres (Star newspaper) and sometimes Lea Salonga. I like the household tips, fashion and travel articles too.

I did miss a lot when I was younger. Maybe it was my immaturity or maybe something clicked and I suddenly found my hunger for current news. Whatever it is, I can now say that news and information is much more than what they show us on TV.


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