Friday, July 23, 2010

Quiet, at last

I just turned off the TV - too many bad news, too gory details for such a wonderful morning such as today. Quiet fills the air. Only the swirling noise of the electric fan and the pounding of my fingers on the keyboard (I have to get another keyboard). The jeep parked in front just left, leaving behind more quiet after its noisy engine and its lung-filling smoke.

I prefer this quiet. But here comes mom and she'll probably turn the TV back on. Don't know why we are not used to having quiet. If it's not the TV, we'd turn on the radio, just to escape the quiet. But in the quiet, there is peace. Our minds need not be filled with the involuntary information that comes through media.

Ahh, quiet - even for a short time. Makes me think better. Makes me more at peace.

A mosquito lands on the computer screen, disturbing my thoughts. Anxious about those mosquitoes that may carry its diseases. My sense of peace has been lost, now anxious to get back to my chores. Laundry, hand washing of kid's uniforms, more house cleaning. I am too anxious about many things. Maybe later I will just sit still and rest and enjoy the quiet. Later, but there is now...


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