Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Playing Like Kids

Oh, to play like kids again! That's what we did, well in part, the other part stuffing ourselves with the potluck lunch of lechon, patatim, pancit, fried chicken, embutido, etc.

There was no occassion, no birthday to celebrate. But who needs a reason to go out and have a "field trip"? No reason except that we wanted to. This is what we did today after picking up our kids from school. We went to QC Memorial Circle.

We adults may miss playing like children, but that's what it felt like when we swung on the swings. As silly as we looked, it felt good to swing high as if flying. That was until the park's guard approached us and shouted that the playground was for those 12 and under. Back to reality! It was fun while it lasted.

Let me not forget, the kids had fun too! Though they were sweating from the heat and I'm sure, too tired after a busy day at school, they didn't want to go home. "Tomorrow, gusto ko balik dito!" ("Tomorrow, I want to come back here"), Joselyn pleads. Tomorrow won't come too soon.


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