Tuesday, July 6, 2010

New Washing Machine

We got a spankin' new washing machine about a month ago. The other one is still in working condition but I did get nervous when it was on spin cycle and tried to get out of its way in case something (either clothes or part of the machine) started to fly out. We had planned to get another, more modern Sharp machine, but these salesmen at SM Appliance Center in SM Cubao "ganged" up on us and convinced us to try their Samsung model. So we did, though I still like the simpler controls of the Sharp washing machines. Washing clothes has become less of a chore, though I still haven't seen our laundry basket empty in ages.

I love the smell of the new washing machine - comparable to the new-car smells. I haven't tried the other cycles and only go with the "Eco" cycle since it is more economical. I have to go back to the manual and find out how to use the "Memory" cycle to record my favorite configurations. It does sound all too confusing for a machine that just wash clothes. But I do spend a lot of my time washing clothes. I still prefer to pre-wash before putting the clothes in the washer. There is still so much grime that I'm sure no machine will clean. This is where Jojo and I contradict each other. He prefers to just plop in the clothes in the machine like what we used to do in the US. Our clothes back then were not as dirty (more of body dirt rather than dirt from dust and pollution we get here from just sitting down in any public area.)

Have to go... my load is about done and I still have to wash the kids' PE uniforms - by hand!


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