Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Nanay Rosing

We went to the wake of Nanay Rosing last night. Rosita Jader, 92, died last July 4 after suffering a stroke and going through 2 head surgeries. She was a fixture here on our street, where we would usually see her sitting in front of her house - the "pink house", as most people would call it. Part of it is still pink, they repainted the first floor white.

For the past years, she has been celebrating her birthday with a party inviting neighbors, family and friends. I was fortunate to have attended her 90th and last year her 92nd. She personally sent out invitations to all our neighbors. We were glad we went to her last birthday last October 2009. She and her daughters talked of how their mother would excitedly await the day of her birthday party. She was a young soul indeed. She loved to celebrate. And I think the best part was having her children, some of whom travelled from either Australia or the US, come together for her grand day.

And wow, did she dress well for her big day. She told us herself how she picked out the green dress that she wore from her cabinet. One of her children told us how they had a dress specially sewed for her for the occasion, but she chose an old one instead.

I would love to live up to 92, but in a way that won't be bothersome for anyone. Nanay Rosing said she had perfect 20/20 vision and would thread the needle for her own children, who had less than perfect eyesight. She beaded jewelry, proudly showing us her finished product on her wrist. She stayed mainly on her own, her preference, though one of her sons and his family stays in an adjoining part of the house.

I am one who shies away from celebrating my own birthday party. I don't know, maybe I just don't like all that attention. Or maybe all the work involved in preparing for one. But Nanay Rosing reminds me that we should celebrate and look forward to our natal day and to enjoy the company of those around us. On her 90th birthday, she wore a red, glittering saya. What a sight she was! So beautiful and full of life. I believe that even after her death, she is still - full of life.


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